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Joining and setting up a shop on Fabbly.com is free.

When you sell items on Fabbly.com we charge you a 5% percentage of the sale price when the item sells.

When you make a sale on Fabbly.com, the transaction fee is automatically deducted from your pre-loaded balance of your shop wallet. Sellers can fund their shop wallet via PayPal either manually (menu tab "billing") or via a subscription plan (menu tab "subscription").

The bottom limit of your shop wallet is $5. If your balance drops below that threshold your shop will be disabled in 7 days. Please notice that the balance of your shop wallet is not refundable.


Fabbly.com may act expeditiously to respond to a proper notice by (1) removing or disabling access to material claimed to be subject of infringing activity; and (2) removing and discontinuing service to repeat offenders. If Fabbly.com removes or disables access in response to such a notice, Fabbly.com will make a good-faith attempt to contact the allegedly infringing party ("Member") so that they may make a counter notification.

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