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Shop Set-up

The 5 steps to selling on Fabbly.com

Step 1: Create Shop

Under "My Account" please click "Create Shop"

Name your shop and upload a avatar picture and a shop banner image.

Write a short welcome message and provide a couple of informative notes about your shop.

Please fill out all required fields and tell the user what file type you are selling.

In the field "Licence type" please specify in which way the user is allowed to use your designs (e.g.: You are not authorised to rent, sell, lend, lease or give away the 3d designs to another person).

Please provide information on how you handle refunds (e.g.: No refunds accepted) and add your own additional terms and conditions.

Click "Save" and your shop is online.

Step 2: Get Paid

Please enter your Paypal e-mail address and decide in which currency you want to receive payments. When you make a sale on Fabbly.com the buyer sends money directly to this Paypal account. After payment is completed the buyer will be able to download the item from the download section in his account.

Save and then click "Next"

If you want to add sales tax for a certain country please add it in the next step or navigate to "Value Added Tax" in the left menu.

Step 3: Fund your wallet

Please fund your shop wallet with a minimum of $5. When you make a sale on Fabbly.com, the transaction fee (5%) is automatically deducted from the pre-loaded balance of your shop wallet.

You can fund your shop wallet via PayPal either manually or via a subscription (menu tab "Subscription"). If your balance drops below $5 your shop will be deactivated within 7 days. Please notice that the balance of your shop wallet can not be refunded!

Step 4: Add Item

Under "My Account" or in the left menu please click "Add Item".

Please click "Upload new zip archive" and upload the digital item you want to sell. Item must be a compressed Zip folder with .zip file ending. Zip file must contain your 3d printing file(s) (e.g. the widely used .stl file format) AND a text file (.txt) with printing instructions.

Please fill out all required fields and upload pictures and specify your price. If you want to offer your item as free download, please set the price to 0.00
Please accept the copyright notice and click "Add item". Now your item will be reviewed by our team and activated within 24 hours.

Step 5: Promote your shop

Tell all your friends about your shop and share your 3d designs on facebook and other social media sites.


Fabbly.com may act expeditiously to respond to a proper notice by (1) removing or disabling access to material claimed to be subject of infringing activity; and (2) removing and discontinuing service to repeat offenders. If Fabbly.com removes or disables access in response to such a notice, Fabbly.com will make a good-faith attempt to contact the allegedly infringing party ("Member") so that they may make a counter notification.

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